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Our company is specialized in handspun wool, vegetable dyes, finishing and washing techniques.

Our vision is to re-create the rugs which were made as forms of art with special handspun wool and vegetable dyes, by using the same primitive methods and the latest technology together, blended to bring forward “Anew Old Rugs”.

Our company not only does the manufacturing but also the finishing, washing and bleaching processes after the production.

With the RD department's support high quality handspun wool and root dyes are used and arranged while production is done in every size. With the rich pattern archives, we can produce rugs in every pattern, quality and standards. Our company is always open to the new developments.

You can find products with the same qualities as the ones in museums and special collections.

We are prepared to take into consideration every wish, request, advice, project, and partnership proposals along the lines of zero compromise from our standing principles about honesty.
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