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The voyage of wool starts when the sheep all over the plateaus are shaven free of their thick layers of wool in spring. The wool is then spun patiently by henna-dyed fingers. Colours are poured all over them as if they were the very fertility of the earth itself. The wool now dons its alluring beauty with all its natural pureness and no compromise from its noble, deep and paganistic attraction.

The real essence of the colours come from the endless combinations and blending of natural dyeing materials. Pomegranate, roots, euphorbia, cochineal, indigo, and acorn are the essential sources of colour that nature yields. The deep and mysterious effect of the combination of hand-spun yarn with the natural shades is an indisputable reality. The rugs woven by capable hands with this effect turn out as works of art that present the very beauty of natural materials. We see rugs woven and dancing through these combinations for centuries only in the museums, among pieces of private collections, and in the hands of antique dealers.

The partnership of natural colours and hand-spun yarn has always yielded this genuine value, acting as the main ingredient that enables the creation of genuine pieces of art. On the other hand, today's technology has rendered such partnerships helpless and condemned them to be left alone inside the depths of past history. Instead of natural colours and hand-spun yarn, today synthetic colours and machine-made yarn are widely used.

A complementary process that brings forward the alluring natural beauty of the colours is called "abraj". The "abraj" effect applied on the colours produce different shades in time and gives way to different circulations of colour placements, splendid and alive and warm like the ever-changing fabric of nature in spring and fall. If you live in and feel the nature, then you also experience the "abraj" effect.
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